Wednesday, 8 March 2017

News Update...

No doubt you have read in the news today of spy agencies being able to eavesdrop on us via android phones and smart TV sets. Seems one of the hack programs developed jointly by the CIA and MI5 has been named a "Weeping Angel". It affects some Samsung TVs. When you think the set is switched off, it isn't really - so it can listen in on your conversations. In other words, it does nothing when you are looking at it - but don't turn away... This has come from a bunch of wikileaked papers. No-one has confirmed, and the hack may have already been overcome in the last year or two, but Samsung say they are taking the claims seriously.

Meanwhile the BBC have released what looks like a very spoilery image for the conclusion to Series 10 - featuring Mondasian Cybermen. I will be extremely surprised if this is the big surprise for the closing episode(s) - it's just far too early for them to be releasing this if it is. Think of it more as a lure to get fans to watch - including those that may have drifted away from the programme of late. Apparently Capaldi loves this version of the Cybermen, so they may be a leaving gift from Mr Moffat.

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