Sunday, 17 November 2013

That Was The Week That Was 17.11.13

And what a momentous week it was - especially with that wholly unexpected appearance by Eight in The Night of The Doctor. Not just him but the Sisterhood of Karn as well. If McGann couldn't be in the Special itself, this was the next best thing. In some ways it was a return just to die - so a bit of a shame. In other ways, it was good as at least he gets an ending.
I have been thinking about the other extra we have been promised - The Last Day - which is due to feature on the DVD release of the anniversary tale. Who's last day? Maybe the War Doctor's? I know that Christopher Eccleston has ruled himself out of any of these proceedings, but might his image be used in the same way footage of the younger John Hurt was employed in the prequel clip? Or it might refer to Smith's impending last day, and act as a prelude to his regeneration.

Lots of new images released for both The Day of the Doctor and An Adventure In Space And Time. The former had its Children in Need clip shown on Friday evening, and the latter finally got a trailer. Very little new information, though. The CiN clip informs us that figures have broken out of paintings in the National Gallery, and we see what appears to be the first meeting between 10 & 11.
Thursday's DWM gave one other little snippet of information - namely that UNIT has been infiltrated by Zygon duplicates. I read a bit of speculation the other day that suggests Rose and Clara also get duplicated at some point.

Whilst in the shops buying the latest DWM I was pleased to come across the third and final DWM "Magazook" - covering the Doctors. Haven't had a chance to read it yet but the most interesting features look like they'll be the Anniversary stories that never were - Deathworld, The Six Doctors and The Dark Dimension.

As for what has been on the box so far, I have already given my thoughts on The Science of Doctor Who. I watched about three minutes of BBC3's weekend of top ten monsters then gave up. If you own the DVD's then it makes for quite redundant programming.
And so to the coming week. After all the anticipation, it had better be an excellent one. Lots of stuff on the radio, including some BF and Audiogo items on Radio 4Xtra. There's the two hour "Ultimate Guide" on BBC 3 tomorrow night - though that might just be the ultimate clips show... Tuesday sees the so-called Radio Times Anniversary edition - really just an ordinary issue with a few extra pages devoted to Who and 12 covers to collect. Sadly no proper RT Special. Thursday night has the long anticipated AAISAT followed by a screening of An Unearthly Child. The official convention commences on Friday, and that evening we have the Culture Show special on BBC2. And then on Saturday it will be The Day of the Doctor, followed by a BBC3 "after party".

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