Thursday, 7 November 2013

Strax Field Report and other news 7.11.13

Three new images released today for The Day of the Doctor, along with a number of brief interviews. (The fourth image was just an expanded version of one we've already seen). These add nothing other than that the Tenth Doctor and Queen Elizabeth get a bit romantic.
An Adventure In Space And Time will be getting a DVD release on the same day as DOTD (2nd December). No Blu-ray announced for this, however. The extras look very interesting - with some of the recreated scenes and a making of documentary narrated by Carole Ann Ford. There will be a reversible cover - utilising both of the retro-style images released last week.

AAISAT will be get the Radio Times cover next Tuesday. As the RT runs Saturday to Friday, it means that DOTD should get the following week's cover. No news of any RT Anniversary Special as yet.
According to the current RT, BBC3's weekend of celebrations actually clashes with the DW element of Children In Need next Friday (15th).

Yesterday's Celebrity Antiques Road Trip featured two Series 3 guest artists - Anne Reid and Thelma Barlow, and their involvement in the programme was mentioned. Remember that tomorrow's edition (Friday 8th) features Colin Baker and Peter Purves.
A trailer for Brian Cox's DW-themed lecture has been released. DOTD finally gets its own trailer as of this coming Saturday (9th) just before Atlantis (which is still rubbish).
Finally, Strax has issued another one of his Field Reports - this time covering the Zygons. The stuff about my native Scotland is quite funny. It's on the official website as well as You Tube.

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