Sunday, 24 November 2013

Saturday 23rd of November...

You're probably wondering what a picture from Marco Polo is doing, heading this post. Where's the review of The Day of the Doctor? Tomorrow. I'm still cogitating. Am I going to say I liked it? Yes, I did.
I also loved the brilliant The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. Hilarious. It was on the BBC Red Button service. I sincerely hope everyone gets a chance to see it. To have roped in so much talent - including Sir Ian McKellen and Peter Jackson - was amazing.
The BBC3 "Afterparty" was so-so. Of the items on CBBC, 12 Again was very good and certainly worth watching on their i-player service. Blue Peter had the second of two Doctor Who specials this morning (the previous one was on Thursday 21st). They have the Series 8 design a sonic device competition, and over the last couple of days had a design a new monster comp (not to be featured in the series).
The reason for the Marco Polo picture? You may recall the same people who accurately predicted (i.e. knew about) the return of The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear also stated that this had been found. This morning, two UK newspapers (Daily Mail & The Mirror) both had stories today saying that all seven episodes of Marco Polo have been recovered in an unusual way. One which does cause a certain degree of uncertainty as to the truth of it all. The story goes that the episodes are silent cine-recordings, made by a fan directly off his TV screen in 1964. These are going to be coupled with the existing soundtracks. The big suspicion is, obviously, why has it taken so long for this person to have come forward? (Had they mentioned it in 2006, Blue Peter would have given them a life-size Dalek as a prize).
In a few day's time, the "Missing Believed Wiped" event has promised an episode of Doctor Who. One of the already released Nigerian finds seems a bit unlikely to me, so maybe there might just be some truth in these news stories.

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