Monday, 11 November 2013

Landmarks No.47

The Eleventh Hour.
Not just a new Doctor, but a lot more as well.
The Steven Moffat era begins.
New companion(s).
New TARDIS - inside and out.
New titles and music.
The beginning of a story arc that's not quite finished yet...
Unless you count those occasions when the programme was off the air and then brought back, there was usually some sort of bridge between Doctors. This was generally down to the presence of the companion(s). Ben & Polly were there to welcome in Troughton, the Brigadier was there for Pertwee, Sarah with Tom Baker, a whole trio of companions with Davison, Peri with Colin Baker, and Mel with McCoy. Rose helped the audience accept Tennant. Moffat dispenses with everyone from the previous era and introduces the Doctor (and us) to Amy Pond. We also get to meet Rory Williams, Amy's fiancé, whose role will become more significant as the series develops.
The TARDIS was wrecked during the recent regeneration, and it refurbishes itself (even locking the Doctor out whilst it does so). Gone is the organic, coral theme, and in comes copper and bronze. It also changes its external appearance - Moffat having a liking for the Peter Cushing movie version.
The ship also throws in a new Sonic Screwdriver (much to the delight of merchandise licencees).
The new titles took me some time to get used to. The visuals were fine, but the arrangement of the music seemed a bit weak.
One thing that isn't new is one of those rare appearances by an actor who had previously appeared in the classic series - The Dominators' Arthur Cox. (Nick "Aggedor" Hobbs will feature later in Series 5).
As for the story arc, Moffat has promised us that some of those loose ends will be tied up come 25th December 2013. (My money's still on Omega...).

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