Saturday, 16 November 2013

Polls Apart

The Doctor / Companion poll on the Radio Times website makes for interesting reading. Some wholly expected placings, but also some rather bizarre ones. David Tennant is favourite Doctor. This is a surprise, as current incumbents often seem to win polls. Youngsters in particular always think the current companion / Doctor is the best. Smith comes second. Troughton and Tom Baker are the only classic Doctors in the top 5. Poor Colin Baker brings up the rear. I was quite shocked to see Hartnell second from bottom. Hopefully the anniversary programming will illustrate just how wrong that is.
Rose topped the companions poll. Sarah Jane Smith came second. Clara could only manage number 9. Quite how anyone could think Kamelion made for a better companion than either Victoria or Zoe beggars belief. The Troughton ladies each scored 0%.
Of course, you could run a poll on the same website 6 months later and get quite different results (though this is the second time this year that Smith has lost out to Tennant). Personally, I think present incumbents should be excluded from such polls. After all, we haven't seen their entire oeuvre yet. We can only judge how good a Doctor really is, in comparison with others, after seeing their complete performance from beginning to end.

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