Friday, 1 November 2013

Landmarks No.44

Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead.
Love her or loathe her, River Song enters the Doctor's life.
Love her or loathe her, River Song exits the Doctor's life.
Over the last three years, it sometimes feels as though the Doctor has been a guest in someone else's show - namely the enigmatic archaeologist Ms Song. When first seen in this, we know that she knows the Doctor from his future. She has a sonic screwdriver and a diary (with a TARDIS design) containing "spoilers".
She even knows his name.
Before we get to know anything else about her, she dies - sacrificing herself to save the Doctor - but her consciousness gets downloaded into the Library, so that she will continue to live on.
Whether Steven Moffat already had her great story arc planned out at this stage or not, who knows?
She'll go on to become an integral part of his tenure as show-runner - continuing to pop up even after her origins have been explained and her mother has left the series. I'll be very surprised if we've seen the last of her.

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