Saturday, 16 November 2013

Landmarks No.48

The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang.
Unlike previous series finales which had tied up their story arcs, this one seems to leave more questions than answers. The main thing we are still waiting for is: who is behind it all? This we should finally know on 25th December 2013.
It is the first episode which is most significant, with elements from earlier in the series reappearing to bring the Doctor into the story. Van Gogh paints the exploding TARDIS. The picture is found in WWII and Churchill rings the Doctor. The call is diverted to the Stormcage facility and to River Song. She goes to Starship UK to steal the painting from the Royal Collection - only to be given it by Liz 10.
The Doctor and his companions gather at Stonehenge where they encounter the Pandorica Alliance - so we see Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians and Sontarans united against them. Other races are name-checked - Drahvins, Draconians, Zygons and Chelonians (from the books). Other less likely races feature - just because the costumes were available (Hoix, Uvodni, Weevils, Roboforms). Amongst the assembled spaceships we clearly see Invasion-style Cyberships.
Rory makes his first proper return from the grave (the deaths in Amy's Choice not being real). He was shot dead by Silurian Restac then erased from time by the crack. Here, he's actually an Auton replica. When the Universe is reset, he comes back as flesh and blood - and it isn't entirely clear how he can still have memories of his plastic existence.
The second episode is mostly clever-dick timey-wimey stuff. Worth watching for Matt Smith's "drunken giraffe" dancing, though.

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