Monday, 4 November 2013

Day of the Doctor Accumulator 2

I've updated this with the official synopsis. I've had a look at what was going on in 1562, courtesy of Peter Ackroyd's The Tudors (Volume 2 of his History of England - Macmillan 2012). In the autumn of that year, Elizabeth fell seriously ill - she had contracted smallpox. A failed incursion by the English in France - to take Le Havre as a prelude to regaining Calais - resulted only in scores of soldiers bringing the plague home with them. The Queen's illness might actually be down to some alien (Zygon) intervention.

Also in the news today is confirmation of the UK broadcast for An Adventure In Space And Time. It's 9pm on Thursday 21st November. As previously mentioned, the US broadcast is on the evening of Friday 22nd. As this will be the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, there is a concern that it will not get very good ratings in the States, as I imagine the big networks will be marking that event? Perhaps BBCA know they just can't compete and so are simply offering an alternative.

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