Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Name of the Doctor - Musings...

Before the spoiler-free previews start to appear 5 minutes after the screening of Nightmare In Silver, I thought I'd stick my head above the parapet and speculate a little on the series finale.

  • I don't think there is any point in searching for clues about Clara in what we have already seen. I think that whatever happens to cause (at least) three Claras doesn't actually happen until this story - as with "Bad Wolf" being cast cast back through time at the conclusion to the 2005 series. This might well be the work of the Great Intelligence who we know appears.
  • I've made my views of Clara's "paradoxical" nature known before (the TARDIS doesn't like them, that much we know, and a quote from the Doctor in DWM describes Trenzalore as being a place full of them).
  • The name of the new villains - Whispermen - does seem to imply a connection with the Silence. Trenzalore is all tied up with silence falling and it's a story arc still to be fully resolved.
  • DWM clearly states that it is a post-Library River Song. She knew the Doctor's name so it may be her that reveals it.
  • The woman in the shop who gave Clara the Doctor's phone number, and so brought them together, is surely River.
  • Regarding the name, it's either a bluff by Steven Moffat (in the same way that the Doctor would be categorically killed at the end of the last series) or it will be revealed in such a way that all the characters get to know it - but we don't. Remember: Moffat lies.
  • We've also been promised that someone won't make it to the end. Either River goes back to being dead / downloaded in the Library / killed in some other way, or it will be a version of Clara who cops it. I really can't see Moffat breaking up the Paternoster Gang. Remember: Moffat lies.
  • That Dalek play set due to be released a week later? If they do appear in this, it will be something like a pre-credits sequence only. Moffat did tease that this story would be "fan pleasing". (In this I certainly hope he isn't lying...).
  • The Whispermen look like Victorian undertakers - and a couple of Scottish actors said they filmed scenes set in Victorian Glasgow.
  • Clarence (played by Michael Jenn). The Series 7 Part 2 DVD box set has a new scene called Clarence and the Whispermen, so he must have some significance.
  • The Fall of the Eleventh on the Fields of Trenzalore? Doesn't mean it necessarily happens on his first visit. As with the Third Doctor's fate on Metebelis III (referenced this series), an initial visit might have implications further down the line.
  • A cliffhanger ending? DWM said they hadn't seen it. I think that this might well lead directly into the 50th Anniversary story. We might even get a surprise Ten / Rose appearance? It's certainly not a regeneration -  as we know Smith is in the 50th. The same quote from the Doctor about Trenzalore (mentioned above) says that his whole life has been heading there ever since he left Gallifrey - so another link in with the 50th.

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