Thursday, 9 May 2013

Nightmare In Silver Round-Up

First and foremost, this is not The Doctor's Wife #2. It is an entirely different type of story telling and that means a different emotional resonance, and the Cybermen may be the only kiss to the past on show.
(Actually there are references to previous stories - locations, music, phrases etc).
Remember the kids from last week? Well, the Doctor is brow-beaten into letting them travel with him and Clara.
This is not as bad as you might fear, the kids not featuring too prominently.
One of them does spot a vital clue - see if you can beat them to it...
They are the reason why the Doctor visits the theme-park planet.
DWM 460 referred to Webley's World of Wonders in its preview, but everywhere else (including on screen) there is reference to Hedgewick's World.
Jason Watkins is Webley.
Odd character names - Porridge (Warwick Davis), Beauty, Brains, Ha-Ha and Missy.
Hedgewick is the owner of the theme-park.
The planet was the scene of a conflict in a Cyberwar.
The theme-park closed down after people started to go missing from its rides and other attractions.
There are old-style Cybermen in the park - assuming these are dead ones as exhibits.
One of these is a chess player (as with the famous Turk automaton. There was more to that than meets the eye as well).
Chess is a running motif.
The soldiers are using the theme-park for manoeuvres.
There is a visit to a very stage-set-y Moon.
The new Cybermen can move very quickly indeed. They're certainly more threatening, but not necessarily scarier. It's a real reboot for them.
One of their old allergies is back.
There are multiple Doctors on show.
Most, but not all, are played by Matt Smith.
There is a ST:TNG vibe (Borg stories?).
There was a mention months ago of a new Cyber-something...
Go to the red button service as soon as the episode ends for the prequel to The Name of the Doctor.

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