Friday, 3 May 2013

The Crimson Round-up of Horror

Not a lot to say about this one actually.
Diana Rigg plays Mrs. Winifrid Gillyflower - who helps run the Sweetville mill in Yorkshire, 1893.
There is a Mr. Sweet - strangely absent from the cast list...
Rachael Stirling plays her blind daughter, who provides the emotional core of the tale.
Mrs. Gillyflower wants everyone and everything to be perfect - and hates imperfection, both physical and moral.
People entering the mill are never seen again - or turn up dead in the river with their skin covered in a red, glowing, waxy substance.
From the next time trailer we know that there is a vat of this red stuff, which people are immersed in.
We also see some kind of steam-punk rocket, so must assume some alien involvement. (Up until it was announced he would be back in the finale, I had the Great Intelligence in mind for this story).
There are Frankenstein references.
Vastra, Jenny and Strax have the first half of the story pretty much to themselves.
One sequence is shot in a way never seen before in the programme.
There's a lengthy flashback sequence.
The Doctor attempts a Northern accent.
He uses the Fifth Doctor's Tegan phrase "Braveheart" for Clara.
He also uses a Larry Grayson catchphrase (and it's not "Shut that door"). I'm going to guess at "Look at the muck in here...".
This is the 100th episode since the series returned in 2005.
This was filmed at the same time as The Snowmen, and Dan Starkey says he actually got this script first.

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