Wednesday, 1 May 2013

362h 53m 54s

That's how long it would take you to watch every episode of Doctor Who (up to The Snowmen).
Just one of thousands of facts and figures in the new BBC book "Who-ology", a copy of which I received today.
There's a certain type of fan who finds this kind of thing utterly fascinating. They know exactly how may times the Doctor has been seen eating, and could no doubt list every mouthful. It's an obsession I have flirted with myself.
Previous posts on this blog have looked at the connections between Who and Bond, and Who and the Carry On... series. Both of these are covered in this volume, along with connections to Star Wars, Star Trek and various UK soap operas.
There are lots of lists, pertaining to the Doctor, the companions and the TARDIS. Some of the principal monsters get sections of their own as well.
There are 14 facts about the Time War, the three food items the Doctor has claimed to have invented, a look at every historical figure the Doctor has met (or just name-dropped), all the untelevised adventures that have been mentioned, and so, so much more.
Even if you're not as mad about the minutiae as I am, I would strongly recommend you pick up a copy of this marvellous Miscellany.

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