Thursday, 2 May 2013

(Spoilery) DWM 460 news

DWM 460 is in the shops tomorrow, but subscribers have already got their copies. Some news and preview items of note are contained within.
It transpires that there are no other earlier Doctors in the 50th Anniversary story. It's just Tennant and Smith.
(This doesn't mean that other Doctors aren't referenced, of course. There is an intriguing bit of speculation doing the rounds that there is another Doctor involved - but it's just too spoilerific if true for me to go there).

Series 8 hasn't actually been formally commissioned yet.

Regarding Nightmare In Silver, Gaiman had a hand in the redesign of the Cybermen - especially the face.
A Closing Time version appears at Webley's World of Wonders as a chess player. (I assume this means a damaged one, and seems to hint at shades of The Silver Turk). Cybermen have been extinct for centuries, and are about to be reborn. The Doctor and Clara visit the Moon.

Most significant news is the return of Richard E Grant as Dr Simeon / The Great Intelligence in The Name of the Doctor (and here was me thinking he was the obvious big bad for The Crimson Horror...).
Seems Trenzalore isn't simply a place. The Doctor's entire life has been leading him there - and it is the kidnapping of his friends which forces him to go. He says it is dangerous for him to be there because of the many paradoxes... (so my Clara Conundrum theory might not be that wide of the mark).
Moffat says that there hasn't been a truly "funereal" episode for a while - the key word for this story. (I would beg to differ - The Angels Take Manhattan, in this same series, having a doom-laden feel throughout).
Apparently, someone doesn't make it to the end of the episode (four of the principal characters in this story have "died" before, so this might be yet another meaningless threat. This is a hand that Moffat has simply over-played).
It is claimed that Doctor Who will never be the same again...

Elsewhere in the issue, the Time Team observe as the Daleks try to take Manhattan, Ray Cusick is remembered, and the Fact of Fiction feature examines The Horror of Fang Rock.

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