Sunday, 26 May 2013

That Elusive Dalek Magazook... Updated

As regular readers will be aware, I have been bemoaning the absence of the new DWM special in all the usual shops where I buy ordinary issues and Specials. I had assumed that its release had been put back - until KORSAIR1 commented on an earlier post that they had already bought the thing. So I had a bit of a trawl round the net and have found that the distribution is very patchy indeed.
Forbidden Planet don't have it available on-line at all. Nor does the Who Shop International.
Amazon has one seller (asking £1.00 more than the cover price). Some copies have been sold on E-Bay for £10 more than the cover price. Galaxy 4 has it available for pre-order (with a release date of 29th May - though this has changed twice before).
The Blackpool Who Shop had it, but it is now sold out.
Apparently WH Smiths did not get it on its release due to a distribution problem, though that problem has (allegedly) now been sorted out.
Someone else says that it has been stocked in some Sainsburys supermarkets.
So there you go. I'd be interested to hear who else has managed to get their hands on this and - if so - where and when...

Update 29.5.13
The Magazook has now appeared on the website as released today (29th) and available to order. I pre-ordered a copy on Sunday, so perhaps my quest is nearing its end. The quest is the quest, after all...
I'm sure Homer wrote shorter epics than this.


  1. I can now confirm that I have now also seen it in one of our local independant newsagents and my local Tesco (I'm in N. Ireland by the way).

  2. Any joy tracking down a copy yet Gerry?

  3. I ordered a copy from Galaxy 4 on Sunday. Today I checked their website and have found that it is no longer listed at all! Have therefore e-mailed them to ask what is going on...

  4. It's really odd the way this book has been handled,I asked one of the staff at Easons if they had gotten the book in early but she said no it came in on the correct date. If you have trouble getting one I can get one here for you and send it on if you want as they still had a few copies on Saturday.

    1. Thanks for the offer. Galaxy 4 have replied to me to say that they expect delivery of stock tomorrow and will be supplying my order.