Sunday, 5 May 2013

That Was The Week That Was 5.5.13

The Crimson Horror debuted last night with a disappointing 4.61 million viewers. Additionally, it was knocked off third place for the day by Casualty. The BBC really ought to sort out the scheduling for the programme - avoiding things like BGT - and fulfilling the promise made last year to move it to the autumn / winter months. I don't see why the second half of series 7 was held back to an Easter opening.

Filming has continued on the 50th Anniversary story - taking in two locations from the very first story. Coal Hill School and I.M. Foreman's scrap yard have both been sighted. We're not returning to 1963, however, as the school sign states Ian Chesterton is Chairman of Governors. Here's hoping this might mean a cameo appearance for William Russell.
The secret of Clara's identity might have been revealed as well. She's really a drag artist...

Her motorbike-riding double of course. By the way, Billie Piper seems to be keeping a very low profile. Tennant has been seen on location twice that I'm aware of - but no sign of Piper.

The DVD schedule for the remainder of the year was revealed by the new DWM. October and November are going to see the releases of the Cybermen stories The Moonbase and The Tenth Planet. Why The Underwater Menace episode 2 is not being added to the Troughton story, I have no idea.
US fans are going to get a standalone release of The Snowmen. Don't know why, either.
And where on Earth is the Complete Series 7 box set? It is common practice to release the complete set at the same time as the Volume 2 one.

Earlier this week I posted about the new play sets which have appeared on the Forbidden Planet website - especially the rather intricately detailed (for a couple of bits of cardboard) synopsis for the Dalek invasion set. I also came across a Claws of Axos set - with another Jo and another Brigadier accompanying the golden humanoid Axon.

Lastly, a new comedy series started on ITV this week which boasts Doctor Who connections. Vicious is co-written by Mark Ravenhill, who wanted to write for the series during RTD's tenure. It stars Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi (neither a stranger to the programme). McKellen's character, Freddie, is an actor who claims to have been in an episode of Doctor Who.

The connection continues with tomorrow night's instalment, as Freddie wants to buy a new coat in order to attend a Doctor Who fan club event. Don't just watch it for the Who links - it's actually very funny.

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