Wednesday, 15 May 2013

(Not) The Spoiler-Free Name of the Doctor Round-Up...

Each week during the series' run, I have been delivering a little round-up of spoiler free preview items, plus a bit of my own speculation as to what might feature. Usually, I try to include everything that is officially out there in the public domain, as well as looking at some of the cryptic items from other previews.
This week, it's just too much of a minefield to manoeuvre.
Unfortunately, the BBC seems hell bent on doing a fair amount of spoiling itself. (There's actually a conspiracy theory doing the rounds that the US Blu-Ray was released early deliberately - though I don't personally subscribe to the logic of this).
Four images were released yesterday that are pure spoiler (a couple of pictures of it, a picture of him, and a picture of there) - and even though they are official BBC America releases, I'm going to ignore them.
Likewise the implications of Steven Moffat's offer of an extra scene to be released if spoilers stay off the web - which IMHO is actually a massive spoiler in itself...


  1. Yeah. That whole bit about 'oh! we'll give you an extra clip if you just DON'T watch the ep, pretty please!!' struck me as bogus. Its all Lombard Street to a China orange that they were going to release the clip anyway.

  2. They certainly didn't rush DT & MS back to film it specially...