Saturday, 29 September 2012

"The Official Doctionary"

Hot on the heels of "A History of the Universe in 100 Objects" comes the other new BBC book "The Official Doctionary". It is of slighter fare than the other volume - both literally and figuratively. It's 176 pages and aimed very much at the younger fans.
The text is light and chatty in tone, with each entry being only a couple of sentences long. Whilst the classic series is covered, the emphasis is much more on the post 2005 stories.
Don't expect a straightforward A to Z. Within each letter there are alphabetical sub-lists.
There is a bit of educational material also - a lengthy look at the Solar System for instance.
It is well illustrated photographically, though you will probably have seen most of the images before.
If you bought the "100 Scariest Monsters" book last year, you'll have an idea what this volume is about. At only £9.99 (about £3.00 cheaper on on-line retail sites) it's still worth adding to your collection. We need something to fill the "Brilliant Book..." void this autumn.

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