Sunday, 2 September 2012

That Was The (Dalek) Week That Was 2.9.12

Last week I promised (threatened?) that it would be Dalek Week on this blog - and I made it so. The last classic TV story I covered was The Dalek Invasion of Earth. I then detoured to look at both of the Peter Cushing Dalek movies, and took a very brief overview of some aspects of '60's 'Dalekmania'.
This was all in honour of the return of Doctor Who to our screens (after an 8 month wait) in The Asylum of the Daleks.
Overnight ratings are a very respectable 6.38 million - considering that the Paralympics are on. (People will watch a big sporting event live, and record something like Doctor Who - so watch the final figure shoot up). It beat the appallingly bad Red or Black with almost double the viewers - and not many people record that sort of thing.
Biggest news of the week was something which the new episode contained - or rather someone. We had the surprise appearance of J-LC, four months ahead of schedule. That's four months of speculation as to who we have just seen and how they relate to the new companion.

Alongside all of this Dalek stuff, we also had the 5 part Pond Life miniseries, which has illustrated, in small vignettes, the nature of the Doctor's on-going relationship with Amy & Rory now that they are no longer full-time TARDIS travelers.

DWM 451 eventually hit the shops, one week overdue. I bought the Dalek cover. They obviously knew the start date of the new series, as they only previewed the first 3 episodes, with the last 2 to be included in the next issue on sale 20th September. The 'Fact of Fiction' feature this issue is The Mind of Evil and there is the first of a two part re-evaluation of the JNT era.

Next week will be all about dinosaurs - but I'm not going to do any special themed posts. Invasion of the Dinosaurs can wait its turn. I will, early in the week, do another spoiler-free round-up of everything I've come across so far regarding the next episode - e.g. no doubt you will have already read that Solomon's two robots are going to be voiced by C4 Peep Show's Mitchell & Webb.

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