Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Angels Take Manhattan - spoiler-free round-up

Wasn't going to do one for this episode, being particularly spoiler-phobic this week, so here's a mini round up. To be honest there is not a lot out there other than it is a fantastic episode and a fitting send off for the Ponds.

We already know from a Matt Smith interview that the seeds of this story go back to something that happened / was said in The Eleventh Hour.

Quite a lengthy atmospheric pre-credits sequence.

Pulp Fiction.

Film Noir.

Different time zones.

There is a new angle on the way the Angels get you.

Great special effects - including a make-over for a famous NY landmark (though it ought not to happen...).

Keep a careful ear open as the exposition is often rattled off.

An episode title will prove to have some significance.

Definitely have a box of hankies at the ready - it's a great, emotional send-off.

Keep watching after the end credits have rolled.
Remember there's a preview screening tomorrow evening - so tread warily around the internet thereafter if you don't want your viewing pleasure spoiled.

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