Thursday, 6 September 2012

Assimilation Squared Issue 4

It was 6 weeks ago that I received Issue 3, and finally the latest instalment has arrived.

Last time, Picard took the Doctor to meet Guinan, the enigmatic bartender of Ten Forward. She is also time-sensitive and helps the Doctor confirm his theory that the Cybermen have somehow pushed two universes together. Word comes through that the Cyber-Borg fleet has suddenly turned away from its course towards Earth and is now heading in the opposite direction. The fleet was last heard of at the planet Cogen V, so the Enterprise makes for there to look for clues behind this change of plan. The inhabitants have gone, but there are Borg and Cyberman bodies everywhere.
A robotic sentry 'droid is disabled and taken back to the ship, along with a couple of the corpses. Video from the 'droid confirms the findings that the aliens killed themselves. The Cybermen have turned on their allies. Later, the Borg part of the fleet is found wrecked. A surviving group of Borg contact the Enterprise. They want a truce - and for 'Locutus of Borg' to help them. Picard is happy that the Borg have been destroyed, and has no intention of helping them. The Doctor will have to find some way of making him change his mind...

The one thing that has been really missing from this adventure so far has been the villains of the piece. Apart from some Revenge Cybermen last time, they have been pretty much in the background only. Now the great alliance is over before we've really had a chance to see it. Nice to see the Ponds get something to do this time also. I do find it strange that this wasn't timed to end before they leave the series (we're only at the half way stage). The cover of issue 5 suggests a trip in the TARDIS for Picard. Will the Doctor show him a future in which the Cybermen are victorious?

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