Monday, 25 June 2018

E is for... Elves

When Clara Oswald was disturbed by strange noises coming from her roof one Christmas Eve, she was surprised to discover a pair of Elves, accompanied by Santa Claus. The Elves were named Ian and The Wolf. The pair bickered frequently, and Ian was jealous that his colleague had a cooler name than he. The Doctor materialised the TARDIS on the roof soon afterwards, and took Clara off to a scientific base near the North Pole. There they found the crew under attack from alien parasites called the Kantrofarri - otherwise known as Dream Crabs. Santa Claus and his two Elf assistants arrived later. It transpired that the Doctor and Clara, along with the people making up the crew of the base, were all victims of the Kantrofarri. They were lying asleep elsewhere with the creatures feeding off them, inducing an anaesthetic dream state. Father Christmas, Ian and The Wolf were all part of the dream.

Played by: Dan Starkey (Ian) and Nathan McMullen (The Wolf). Appearances: Last Christmas (2014).
  • Starkey is best known for his portrayal of the Sontaran Strax, having previously played a couple of other Sontarans during the Russell T Davies era. He also played the alien Plark in The Man Who Never Was - the last ever story of The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  • McMullen came to prominence for his role as Finn Samson in the E4 sci-fi comedy drama Misfits.

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