Sunday, 10 June 2018

E is for... Ehrlich, Steffi

German crew member of the first manned base on the planet Mars. The Doctor met her when he visited Bowie Base One on 21st November, 2059. He realised that on this date she and all her colleagues were fated to die, when the base would blow up. Whilst he knew of this as a fixed point in history, he did not know the reason for the catastrophe. Instead of leaving, he stayed on and witnessed the crew come under attack by a waterborne contagion known as the Flood. This had lain dormant in the Martian icecaps for centuries, but a faulty water filter had allowed it to begin infecting the crew.
Steffi became cut off from her colleagues as water began to flow through the ceiling of the command centre. She tried to lock herself in the communications room, where she replayed a video of her two children before the water breached the area. She then became infected. She was killed when the base commander, Adelaide Brooke, detonated a self-destruct mechanism to stop the Flood from ever reaching the Earth.

Played by: Cosima Shaw. Appearances: The Waters of Mars (2009).

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