Monday, 25 June 2018

E is for... Ellis, John

A Cardiff businessman who was passenger on a small aircraft which flew into the Space-Time Rift which ran through the city. The plane had taken off in 1953, but landed in 2007. The pilot and passengers were met by the Torchwood team, who attempted to help them resettle in their new time. Ellis was taken under the wing of Captain Jack Harkness. He struggled most to adapt. Jack discovered that his son Alan was still alive. However, he was resident in a nursing home and suffering from Alzheimer's. He had never had any children, so there were no grandchildren for Ellis to meet. Deciding there was nothing left to live for, he decided to commit suicide. Jack explained his immortality to him, and told him that there was nothing beyond death. He eventually relented and allowed Ellis to take his own life, sitting with him in a car as it was filled with carbon-monoxide.

Played by: Mark Lewis Jones. Appearances: TW 1.10 Out of Time (2007).
  • Jones recently appeared in the Star Wars franchise, playing Captain Canady in The Last Jedi.

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