Sunday, 10 June 2018

E is for... Edith

Edith was the wife of Wulnoth, headman of a small village on the north east coast of England in the year 1066. She befriended the Doctor when he wandered into her home. He claimed to be a lost traveller, and she invited him to stay for food and some mead. From her he discovered where and when the TARDIS had landed, and realised a Viking invasion of the area was imminent. She also gave him information about the nearby monastery when he heard the anachronistic sounds of a gramophone record slowing down. Edith and some of the other village women gave food to the Monks - or at least the only one whom they had ever met. When a Viking raiding party arrived soon after, they assaulted Edith. She survived the attack, and was able to warn Wulnoth of the Viking presence. Trusting the Doctor, she also led her husband to distrust the Monk - who was actually a member of the Doctor's own race, out to interfere with history. Edith joined the other villagers in a raid on the monastery, upsetting the Monk's schemes.

Played by: Alethea Charlton. Appearances: The Time Meddler (1965).
  • Charlton had previously played cave woman Hur, in the very first Doctor Who story. Sadly, she died at the relatively young age of 44, from cancer, in 1976.

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