Sunday, 3 June 2018

E is for... Eckersley

A mining engineer from Earth who was stationed on the planet of Peladon. His job was to improve the trisilicate mining operations. This mineral was needed by the Federation as part of its war with Galaxy 5. Eckersley set up a new refinery, and wanted to introduce advanced technology to increase production, but found that the local miners were suspicious of this - fearing that it would offend their deity Aggedor. This sacred beast had begun to appear in the mines, killing people. Eckersley witnessed its destruction of his colleague Vega Nexos. When the miners went into open revolt, Eckersley talked ambassador Alpha Centauri into summoning help from the Federation - leading to the arrival of an Ice Warrior contingent under the leadership of Commander Azaxyr. Eckersley maintained that local politics were not his concern, and that he just wanted to get on with his work.
However, it later transpired that Eckersley was in league with Azaxyr to gain the planet's trisilicate for Galaxy 5. Within the refinery he had set up a heat ray weapon, coupled with a holographic projection of a statue of Aggedor, to stage the attacks in the mines. When the Ice Warriors were overpowered and their scheme exposed, Eckersley attempted to flee - taking Queen Thalira as his hostage. The Doctor used the real Aggedor to track them down. The sacred beast killed him, but not before he had mortally wounded it.

Played by: Donald Gee. Appearances: The Monster of Peladon (1974).

  • Gee had previously played Major Warne in The Space Pirates.

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