Sunday, 10 June 2018

E is for... Eknodine

A parasitical alien species, the Eknodine were serpentine, monocular creatures which inhabited a human host. They took over the bodies of a number of elderly residents of an old people's home in the village of Upper Leadworth, giving them unnatural strength. They attacked by emitting a green gas, which caused their victims to be reduced to piles of dust. They claimed that their home planet had been destroyed, and so they were now attacking other worlds. The Doctor, Amy and Rory encountered them when the TARDIS was infiltrated by a being known as the Dream Lord. He gave them two scenarios and challenged them to guess which was real and which was fake - one being the village, which was taking place a number of years after Amy and Rory had stopped travelling with the Doctor, and the other being within the TARDIS in the present, as the ship became disabled next to a freezing cold star.
In the village scenario, Rory was killed by one of the creatures. This prompted Amy to decide that the other scenario was the real one, as she could not live without him. It transpired that both scenarios were fake, as the Dream Lord did not have power over the waking world. As the events in the village were only a dream, it means that the Eknodine might not have really existed.

Appearances: Amy's Choice (2010).

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