Sunday, 3 June 2018

E is for... Earthling

An unnamed Englishman, abducted from Earth around 1980 by General Grugger and his Gaztak mercenaries. They were acting on the orders of the alien Meglos, who required a humanoid body to act as a template in order for him to take on the Doctor's form. Meglos at first resembled a green-skinned version of the Earthling, with cactus-like spines growing from his skin, before settling on the appearance of the Doctor. The process was unstable, however, and the Earthling occasionally asserted himself as he tried to break free. He was released when Meglos reverted to his natural plant-like form. The Doctor and Romana took him to the planet Tigella after Meglos' world of Zolfa-Thura had been destroyed. From there they would return him to the Earth - the Doctor claiming he could get him home five minutes before he left.

Played by: Christopher Owen. Appearances: Meglos (1980).

  • The novelisation - not by the story's writers - gives his name as George Morris.

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