Sunday, 3 June 2018

E is for... Eaters of Light

Savage reptilian quadrupeds with bio-luminescent tendrils, which existed in a pocket dimension of space / time. They swarmed there, but would use portals to other dimensions to visit planets where they could feed by absorbing light. As light made them stronger, so they would become weaker at night. One of the creatures came through a portal in the Highlands of Scotland in the 2nd Century AD, where it attacked and destroyed an entire Roman Legion. The Pictish locals had known of the portal for many centuries and a gate-keeper was entrusted to prevent the creatures from getting through. The present keeper - a girl named Kar - had deliberately allowed this one through the portal so that it could kill the Roman invaders, but it was now a danger to her own people. The gate-keepers employed a special kind of glass and when light passed through this it could hold the creatures at bay. The Doctor organised for the creature to be forced back through the portal, where he intended to hold the rest of its kind back. Minutes in their dimension translated to years in our timescale. Kar and some young survivors of the Roman Legion took his place.

Appearances: The Eaters of Light (2017).

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