Sunday, 10 June 2018

E is for... Editor

An unnamed human who was based on Floor 500 of Satellite 5, which broadcast news and current affairs to Earth's empire. He edited the news on behalf of his employer - the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe. This was a massive bloated creature which hung from the ceiling of Floor 500. Its metabolism was such that all heat had to be pumped away from the area and distributed to the lower floors, making them uncomfortably hot. Presumably the Editor's own metabolism had been altered in some way in order that he could survive the Floor's freezing temperatures. Under the Jagrafess' influence, he manipulated the news to alter history - preventing Earth's Fourth Great and Bountiful Empire and leading to the planet becoming inward looking. Anyone posing a threat was lured to Floor 500 where they were killed, but their bodies continued to work for him due to a computer chip installed in their brain. A reporter named Cathica destroyed the Jagrafess at the Doctor's instigation, channeling the heat back up to the Floor. The Editor attempted to flee but was caught by one of his victims - an anarchist freedom fighter named Eva Saint Julienne. He was killed when the creature exploded.

Played by: Simon Pegg. Appearances: The Long Game (2005).
  • Pegg is one of only two actors to have appeared in Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek. (The other plays his sidekick in the latter franchise).
  • Pegg was originally offered the role of Pete Tyler in Father's Day, but had to turn it down as he was unavailable for the filming dates.

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