Sunday, 3 June 2018

E is for... Earth President

In the year 2540, she was the President of Earth's galactic empire. Her term of office coincided with increased tensions between Earth and its neighbouring rival - the Draconian Empire. It was reported that Draconian ships had begun raiding Earth cargo vessels near the border between the two empires. Matters were not helped when her hawkish military adviser, General Williams, threatened to undermine her. She wanted to see a diplomatic settlement, whilst Williams favoured a military response. She personally questioned the two captured Draconian spies - the Doctor and Jo Grant. With her political opponents clamouring for war, the President reluctantly agreed to cutting off diplomatic relations with Draconia, but refused to start a fresh war between the two empires.
The Doctor and the Draconian Crown Prince finally succeeded in convincing her, and Williams, that a third party was attempting to orchestrate a war - the Master and his Ogron underlings. She gave her blessing for an expedition to travel to the Ogron planet to get proof.

Played by: Vera Fusek. Appearances: Frontier in Space (1973).

  • The character remains unnamed on screen and in the novelisation. The book gives some backstory - a love affair between her and Williams when they were younger, and that she only made him her aide as he had been opposed to her election.

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