Monday, 24 July 2017

Twice Upon A Time

Once upon a time any preview material shown at Comic-Con had all manner of injunctions against anyone who wasn't in the hall from seeing it. Fans used to complain bitterly that they weren't allowed to see trailers or clips, and RTD and Moffat would insist stuff wasn't leaked.
Well twice upon a time, the video now gets released straight away. Twice Upon A Time is the name of the 2017 Xmas Special, Capaldi's swan-song in which he's joined by David Bradley's First Doctor and what looks to be a temporary companion - "The Captain" - played by Mark Gatiss.

Talking of companions, we also get a glimpse of Polly, and it has been confirmed that Bill will also get to say goodbye to the Doctor. If she finds out the next incarnation is a woman, she might well want to sign up to TARDIS duties once again.

Bets being taken now that the Captain will turn out to be the Brigadier's dad - hence the lack of name.
The clip begins with a scene from the second episode of The Tenth Planet - with Hartnell morphing into Bradley.

There's something about time standing still, with the Doctors stuck in a moment of time. There's also some stuff with them running through explosions, and being seen in a chamber with chains hanging down and what looks like bodies in alcoves behind.

It all looks very intriguing. No sign of who or what the enemy of the piece might be.

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