Thursday, 13 July 2017

C is for... Campbell, David

A young freedom fighter in 22nd Century London, part of the resistance group that was fighting against the Daleks. David was a key member of the group, which was led by the scientist Dortmun. He was from Scotland originally, and came from a rural background.
He was quick and agile, so useful for getting around the city unseen in search of food and other supplies. He was quite prepared to use lethal force against the Robomen slaves, or anyone else who he felt was a threat. He witnessed the capture by the Daleks of the Doctor and Ian, and later took part in a disastrous mission to attack a Dalek saucer. After this failure, the rebel group split up, and David found himself helping to protect the Doctor and Susan. He pleased the Doctor by bowing to his seniority, despite having the best local knowledge. As they travelled to the Dalek mining operations in Bedfordshire, David began to fall in love with Susan - and she with him. The Doctor could see what was happening. When Susan suggested running away in the TARDIS, David insisted that he had to stay and fight. The Doctor sent the pair to disable the Dalek power system, just before the bomb they were planning to use blew up their base along with their saucers.
Back in London, the Doctor realised that it would be wrong to separate the young lovers. It was time for Susan to settle somewhere, so he locked her out of the TARDIS. After bidding her farewell, he left with Ian and Barbara - knowing that Susan would create a new life with David, helping to rebuild the shattered Earth.

Played by: Peter Fraser. Appearances: The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964).

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