Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Blog Update

Just a quick word about the Blog now that Series 10 has ended. I will be continuing with the A - Z posts, which you'll notice have now reached the letter 'C'. Each week there will also be the latest of the "Inspirations" posts, which I'm thoroughly enjoying researching.
The on-going look at every story paused with the first episode of Torchwood. I'll be covering the next few stories from season one of this spin-off before getting to Smith and Jones. As I've previously said, I have to match up the Torchwood finale with Utopia. The Sarah Jane pilot will also be covered soon.
I am also going to be giving you the latest "TARDIS Travels" - covering the recent series. Look out also for updates on the "Know Your..." entries for both the Daleks and the Cybermen, now that the Twelfth Doctor's era is coming to an end.
There's enough to keep me going for years - so you have been warned...

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