Thursday, 27 July 2017

C is for... Captain (2)

When Sarah Jane Smith and her young friends Rani and Clyde were lured to an antiques shop by a newspaper article, they met a mysterious man - the Shopkeeper - who had a pet parrot, which he called the Captain. The Shopkeeper sent them all on a quest through history to collect a number of metallic objects. They were made from Chronosteel, forged within the temporal vortex, and all had to be collected together otherwise disaster would befall the cosmos.
On returning to the present day, their mission completed successfully, Sarah and her friends discovered that the Shopkeeper actually worked for the Captain.
Some time later, Sarah discovered a baby abandoned on her doorstep. The girl caused electrical overloads when she cried. The child grew rapidly, and adopted the name Sky. It transpired that she had been bred as a weapon by an alien race of humanoids who were at war with the Metalkind. Sky elected to stay on Earth with Sarah, and it was revealed that it was the Shopkeeper and the Captain who had left the baby for Sarah to look after.

Appearances: SJA 4.5: Lost in Time (2010), and SJA 5.1: Sky (2011).

  • Had the series continued, the Shopkeeper and the Captain would have featured again. Their origins are never explained.

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