Thursday, 27 July 2017

C is for... Carmen

One of the passengers on the No.200 bus which vanished through a wormhole whilst travelling through a tunnel under the Thames. She was with her husband, Lou. She had low level psychic abilities, able to sense the fate of the planet San Helios, and the approaching alien Swarm. Lou confirmed that she picked winning lottery ticket numbers every week - just the basic £10, but every single week.
Once the bus had returned to London, Carmen had a message for the Doctor. "You be careful, because your song is ending, sir. It is returning, returning through the dark. And then Doctor... oh but then... he will knock four times..."

Played by: Ellen Thomas. Appearances: Planet of the Dead (2009).

  • Carmen sees the end of the Tenth Doctor. The Ood had foretold that his song would end soon. It is Gallifrey that is returning, and it will be Wilf who will knock four times - causing the Doctor to ultimately regenerate.
  • Carmen and Lou never get off the bus whilst on San Helios, so Ellen Thomas and Reginald Tsiboe did not get to travel to Dubai.

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