Thursday, 13 July 2017

C is for... Cameca

When the Doctor and his companions landed in an Aztec city, and became cut off from the TARDIS, the Doctor was invited to spend his time in the garden where the society's elders spent their days. Here he met Cameca. The Doctor was rather taken with her, finding her a charming companion. He was intrigued to learn that she knew the builder of the tomb in which the TARDIS was trapped - only to discover that he was now dead. She did, however, know his son and promised to arrange a meeting. This proved to be Ixta, Ian's rival to lead the Aztec army. Cameca was regarded as giving wise counsel, and even Autloc - High Priest of Knowledge - sought her opinions. When the Doctor agreed to brew a drink from her coffee beans, he found himself engaged to her. She soon realised that he would be leaving, as she watched him fashion a pulley wheel out of wood. As Tlotoxl plotted against the Doctor and his friends, Cameca elected to help Susan escape, and she interceded with Autloc after it appeared that Ian had tried to kill him. Before the Doctor left for the tomb, she gave him a token of her love for him. Once inside the tomb, the Doctor left the token behind, but then snatched it up and took it into the TARDIS with him.

Played by: Margot van der Burgh. Appearances: The Aztecs (1964).

  • Margot van der Burgh returned to the series in The Keeper of Traken, playing Consul Katura.

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