Friday 31 May 2024

N is for... Nelson-Stanley, Bea

Elderly resident of the Lavender Lawn nursing home, visited by Sarah Jane Smith and her young companions. Clyde Langer was paying a call on another resident named Mrs Randall, who told them that the home was being haunted by a ghostly nun.
Intrigued, Sarah Jane began investigating along with Maria Jackson. She was surprised to hear Bea mention Sontarans, and it transpired that she and her late husband, Edgar, had encountered the aliens in the Middle East during an archaeological expedition just after the war.
However, Bea suffered from Alzheimer's Disease, and only had brief moments of lucidity. She suspected that the ghostly nun was seeking an ancient amulet which Edgar had dug up on one of his expeditions.
She had hidden this in a tree in the grounds, but then gave it to Sarah's son Luke for safekeeping. 
The nun belonged to a convent which had been taken over by an alien Gorgon, and the amulet was needed to open a portal which would allow the creatures to invade the Earth. Maria helped Bea remember how she and Edgar had combatted the Gorgon in the past.
After the aliens had been defeated, Bea was reunited with the amulet. Though it couldn't cure her condition, it did enable her to recall the voice of her late husband.

Played by: Phyllida Law. Appearances: SJA 1.2 Eye of the Gorgon (2007).
  • Law was considered for the role of Barbara Wright back in 1963.
  • Her husband, Eric Thompson, appeared in The Massacre.
  • Daughters Emma and Sophie are both famous actors. The three have worked together on movies Emma and Peter's Friends.

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