Wednesday 22 May 2024

N is for... Navarino

A fun-loving alien species who used metamorphic technology in order to visit other planets incognito for pleasure. In their natural form, they resembled huge purple starfish, covered in suckers.
The Doctor and companion Mel encountered a group who transformed themselves into Earth people, dressed in 1950's style. They were participating in a Nostalgia Tours holiday to Disneyland to experience Rock & Roll music. The company were notoriously unreliable, and the Doctor had to rescue their spaceship - made to look like a period tourist coach - when it collided with a communications satellite.
Driver Murray and the rest of the Navarino found themselves instead enjoying a weekend at a holiday camp in South Wales.
Unfortunately, amongst the tour group was a member of the Chimeron race, who were being hunted to extinction by the ruthless Bannermen. They landed as the Navarino tourists were trying to escape. The tour coach and its occupants were vapourised.

Played by: Johnny Dennis (Murray), Leslie Meadows (Adlon), Anita Graham (Bollitt). Appearances: Delta and the Bannermen (1987).
  • Another member of the tour group is Keilor (Brian Hibbard) who informs the Bannermen of Delta's location. It is not clear if he is also a Navarino. As he is already dressed in 1950's period costume on the spaceship, he may well be.

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