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N is for... Natasha

Daughter of the scientist Arthur Stengos, who was an old friend of the Doctor's. She and a medic friend named Grigory broke into the Tranquil Repose funerary complex on the planet Necros when she became suspicious about the circumstances surrounding her father's death. She was right to be suspicious as they found his tomb empty - his body replaced with a dummy.
In a nearby laboratory they discovered a transparent Dalek casing, in which Stengos' head was housed. He was being physically and mentally transformed into a Dalek by the "Great Healer" who ran the complex. This was actually Davros, who was creating a new army of Daleks from the bodies stored here - a force loyal only to him. (The waste products were being sold to a neighbouring business, which used it as a foodstuff).
Stengos urged his daughter to kill him, which she did.
Trying to flee, she and Grigory were captured and tortured by Takis and Lilt, senior attendants at Tranquil Repose. They were freed by the assassin Orcini, who had come to kill Davros.
Sent by the Doctor to destroy the laboratory, both were killed when a hovering Dalek materialised and ambushed them. 

Played by: Bridget Lynch-Blosse. Appearances: Revelation of the Daleks (1985).
  • The novelisation of the story has Natasha and her partner succeed in destroying the lab only to be attacked by a group of Daleks as they flee - with Natasha killing herself rather than be caught and potentially turned into one of the creatures like her father.
  • Lynch-Blosse also appeared in Chris Boucher's Star Cops.
  • She gave up acting after only a short period, to become a jazz singer.

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