Friday 31 May 2024

N is for... Nefertiti

18th Dynasty Queen of Egypt, who once accompanied the Doctor on one of his adventures. In 1334 BCE he had just helped her people combat giant alien locusts when he received a call for help. The headstrong Nefertiti elected to accompany him - finding herself on a Silurian space ark on a collision course with 24th Century Earth.
The Doctor put a team together to help divert this, including Amy and Rory and a big game hunter from the early 20th Century named John Riddell. She and the hunter had a fiery love-hate relationship but rapidly came to respect each other.
They discovered that the vessel had been invaded by a ruthless trader named Solomon, who had jettisoned the crew and planned to financially exploit the dinosaurs which it also carried. On discovering who she was, the trader offered to trade the lives of the Doctor and friends for Nefertiti. She agreed, in order to save them. The Doctor was able to rescue her, and Solomon was destroyed trying to flee the ark. Once safely diverted to another planet where the dinosaurs could be released, Nefertiti elected to stay with Riddell in Africa, 1902.

Played by: Riann Steele. Appearances: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (2012).
  • Nefertiti (c.1370 - c.1330 BCE) was the wife of the Pharoah Akhenaten. It is believed that she may have ruled in her own right after his death, before the ascension of Tutankhamun. 
  • The tomb intended to hold her mummy was never completed, and her body has never been positively identified - though some unidentified female mummies have been proposed as being hers.
  • The iconic bust of Nefertiti, in the Neues Museum in Berlin, is one of the most famous of ancient Egyptian artefacts.
  • Steele appeared alongside David Tennant in the RSC production of Hamlet, has been a regular on medical drama Holby City, and featured in the MCU film Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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