Wednesday 22 May 2024

N is for... Nathan

A young man who was passenger on a No.200 bus at Easter, 2010. This vehicle passed through a wormhole as it travelled through a tunnel under the Thames, and the passengers found themselves on an alien planet. Fortunately, amongst their number was the Doctor, who had been tracking the space-time anomaly.
Unemployed, and planning to spend a quiet night in watching TV, Nathan's evening now saw him helping to free the bus from the desert sands in which it had become stranded on the world of San Helios.
Impressed with the way he handled his ordeal, the Doctor later recommended that Nathan be considered for a role with UNIT.

Played by: David Ames. Appearances: Planet of the Dead (2009).
  • Ames was best known for a regular role on medical drama Holby City.
  • He is a frequent performer with Big Finish, in particular the Bernice Summerfield range.

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