Wednesday 5 December 2018

There ARE such things as Macra...

I thought that the next "lost" story to be animated and released on DVD might be The Wheel In Space, as a 10 minute clip from the first episode of this was screened (is to be screened? I can't recall when it's on) at the "Missing, Believed Wiped" event at the BFI.
However, according to the Digital Spy website today, the next one will actually be earlier Troughton tale The Macra Terror. Only a handful of very brief clips exist for this four part story, courtesy of the Australian censors.
It is to be released on March 25th 2019 on all formats (DVD, Blu-ray, digital download) in both B&W and a colourised version. You can pre-order it on-line from tomorrow.
Four weeks earlier, we will be getting Tom Baker's final season as a Blu-ray box-set. Extras will include new CGI effects for Logopolis, as well as the Sarah Jane Smith / K9 spin-off K9 & Company: A Girl's Best Friend. Expect the release date for this to change, as the last two box-sets were each shifted back twice.

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