Sunday 30 December 2018

G is for... Gharman

Gharman was a member of the Kaled race. He was a senior member of the scientific-military elite section established by the scientist Davros in a bunker close to the Kaleds' domed city. He was with Davros when he first tested his Mark Three Travel Machine - the armoured shell which was designed to contain the creatures into which the Kaleds would ultimately evolve, following exposure to centuries of nuclear and chemical warfare. Davros would later name this combination of Kaled mutant and machine a Dalek - an anagram of their race name. Gharman became concerned about changes which Davros planned to introduce into the Daleks, particularly chromosomal alterations that would see them become creatures without pity or remorse. He began consulting secretly with others amongst the elite who shared his concerns. Davros' henchman Nyder learned of this plot and had Gharman arrested. He managed to escape and set about organising resistance to Davros - demanding he made the Daleks less belligerent. The majority of the elite flocked to his side, but Davros was merely waiting for his enemies to show themselves. During a meeting, he had the Daleks attack and exterminate the rebels, including Gharman.

Played by: Dennis Chinnnery. Appearances: Genesis of the Daleks (1975).
  • This wasn't Chinnery's first encounter with the Daleks. In 1965 he had played Albert C Richardson, First Mate on the Mary Celeste, whose crew leapt overboard following a visit by a Dalek squad, in The Chase.
  • He returned to Doctor Who in 1984, to play Professor Sylvest in The Twin Dilemma.

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