Sunday 30 December 2018

G is for... Ghost, The

One Christmas Eve, a young New Yorker named Grant discovered the Doctor hanging outside his bedroom window. He helped him inside then joined him on the roof of the apartment block where the Doctor was trying to construct a device which would negate the temporal anomalies which surrounded the city. It was to be powered by a rare alien crystal, said to have the power to give people what they wished for. Due to a misunderstanding, Grant swallowed the crystal - thinking it was medicine for his cold. As he was a huge comic-book superheroes fan, Grant suddenly found that he had super powers of his own - like the ability to fly. The Doctor advised that he keep his new talents secret and try to live a normal life, and he checked in on him over the years.
However, whilst investigating alien activity at the city's Harmony Shoals organisation in 2016, the Doctor discovered that New York had a masked superhero protector, known as The Ghost. This turned out to be Grant. By day, he worked as a nanny for a news reporter named Lucy, who was also investigating the company. He was secretly in love with Lucy, and felt responsible for having introduced her to her now absentee husband. The Harmony Shoals aliens were transplanting their brains into other bodies, and decided that The Ghost's would make an ideal receptacle for one of their kind. They held Lucy hostage in order for him to give up his body to them, but the Doctor triggered their plan to crash a spaceship onto the city prematurely. In order to stop it crashing, Grant had to reveal his true identity to Lucy, and she then learned of his feelings towards her.
Grant decided to hang up his cape and mask and settle down with Lucy and her baby, whilst the Doctor assured him that the planet already had a protector - himself.

Played by: Justin Chatwin. Appearances: The Return of Doctor Mysterio (2016).
  • Chatwin's big break came when he played Tom Cruise's son in Steven Spielberg's 2005 version of War of the Worlds.

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