Sunday 30 December 2018

G is for... George

A young boy growing up on a council estate, George had a number of fears and phobias. These were so strong that they sent a message which was picked up by the Doctor's psychic paper even though the TARDIS was in flight through the Vortex. He, Amy and Rory arrived on the estate and tracked the boy down to his flat, where he lived with his mother and father. The family was in debt, and being bullied by their landlord. Dad Alex was thinking about getting help for his son, and believed that the Doctor had come from Social Services to help out. George had been taught to imagine his fears banished to the wardrobe in his bedroom. When Amy and Rory became the subjects of his worries, they suddenly found themselves in an old mansion. This proved to be a doll's house which sat in the wardrobe. Other people who frightened him were also deposited here, where they were transformed into Victorian peg-dolls. When he thought that the Doctor and Alex were going to send him away, they too were sent to the doll's house. Left all alone, George was then himself transported to the house. It was only when Alex told him that he would never be abandoned did George release his fears - and all the doll's house occupants were returned to normal.
The Doctor had worked out that George's mother, Claire, could not have been pregnant immediately prior to his birth and so guessed the truth about the child. He was really an alien Tenza - a race who place their children, cuckoo-style, for others to rear. George had generated a perception filter on his parents' memories to make them believe that he had been born to them. George's fear of rejection had caused all the problems in the household. Now that Alex knew the truth, but still accepted him as their son, George's fears evaporated and he became like a normal child - though the Doctor advised Alex that he might have to call back when he entered his teenage years.

Played by: Jamie Oram. Appearances: Night Terrors (2011).

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