Tuesday 11 December 2018

G is for... Gebek

The leader of the miners on the planet Peladon. He was angry about the conditions in which his colleagues had to work, and felt that the planet's membership of the Galactic Federation had benefited only those in power. Whilst his deputy Ettis wanted to foment armed rebellion to overthrow the elite, and expel all aliens from the planet, Gebek was a moderate, who wanted to achieve better conditions through negotiation. Concerned about his popularity amongst the miners, High Priest and Chancellor Ortron sought to discredit him. When the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith arrived on the planet, the Doctor sided with Gebek's views, and tried to get Queen Thalira to listen to him. Later, Federation ambassador Alpha Centauri was tricked into calling in military support to halt the rebellion which Ettis had started. This came in the form of an army of Ice Warriors led by Azaxyr, who established martial law. Gebek and the Doctor got the miners to pretend to go back to work so that the Ice Warriors would have no further cause to stay on Peladon. However, they were a breakaway group intent on seizing the mineral wealth whatever happened. Gebek helped the Doctor to rally the miners and the palace guards against the Martians, and Azaxyr and his men were defeated. Ortron had perished in the struggle, and Thalira wanted the Doctor to take his place as Chancellor. He recommended Gebek for the role instead.

Played by: Rex Robinson. Appearances: The Monster of Peladon (1974).
  • Gebek was the second of three roles for Robinson in the programme, all in stories directed by Lennie Mayne. His first appearance was as Dr Tyler in The Three Doctors, and his last was as Dr Carter in The Hand of Fear.

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