Sunday 26 February 2017

February's Figurines

Two figurines from the Classic Series this month. The first is Commander Azaxyr from The Monster of Peladon. Nearly 100 issues in, and this is the first Ice Warrior release from that era.
Joining Azaxyr is what is termed a "Suicide Squad" Dalek - from Destiny of the Daleks. It has the yellow and red bombs mounted round the bottom of the neck section. Of course, most of the suicide squad Daleks we saw on screen were the rough light-weight vacuum-formed ones. This figurine looks quite good in comparison. The accompanying magazine tells the story of the Dalek props that were available for this story, and explains why they looked so mismatched.
Next month is another Cyber-Leader - this time the one from Silver Nemesis. Then we will be getting a Marshman from Full Circle, and The Veil from Heaven Sent. I believe the next larger scale special edition is due out shortly as well - the King Hydroflax Robot.

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