Thursday 16 February 2017

B is for... Bennett (3)

Mia Bennett was one of the crew of the doomed first human settlement on Mars - Bowie Base One. Mia hailed from Houston, Texas, and was a geologist like her father. She hoped to demonstrate that Earth plants could be grown in Martian soil. The Doctor met her, and her colleagues, on January 21st, 2059 - the date he knew would witness the destruction of the base with all hands.
As the last of the Time Lords, he decided to change this fixed point in time and save the crew. Mia was one of those he was able to return to Earth in the TARDIS - changing her history. Traumatised by events at the base, she ran off into the night. Fellow survivor Yuri Kerenski went after her to console her. It is unknown what impact her survival would have made to future history.

Played by: Gemma Chan. Appearances: The Waters of Mars (2009).

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