Monday 6 February 2017

B is for... Bellboy

One of the founding members of the Psychic Circus. His speciality was robotics, and he built and maintained the robotic clowns, as well as a number of other automatons. These included a Bus Conductor and a huge robot which later became half-buried in the sands of the planet Segonax, where the Circus made its home.
The Psychic Circus had previously embarked on many long tours throughout the galaxy.
On Segonax, the Circus people became enslaved by an ancient powerful force for evil - the Gods of Ragnarok. They corrupted the Circus, forcing the crew to kill guests for their entertainment. Bellboy and a girl named Flowerchild escaped and ran into the desert. He sacrificed himself to allow her to get away, but she was killed by the Bus Conductor robot. Bellboy was captured by the Chief Clown and returned to the Big Top, where the Gods punished him. A broken man, and distraught at Flowerchild's death, he programmed his own robots to kill himself.

Played by: Christopher Guard. Appearances: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (1988).

  • Guard's brother Dominic had previously been in Doctor Who - as space pirate Olvir in Terminus. Dominic's partner, Sharon Duce, would go on to appear as Control in Ghostlight in the following season to Christopher's appearance, whilst his own partner at the time - Lesley Dunlop - had been in Frontios, and would make a return appearance in The Happiness Patrol.

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